Monday-Friday Kindergarten Class

5-Day Kindergarten  for children age 5 by 8/1 or invitation (ratio 1/18)  Monday – Friday 8:45-12:15 (3 1/2 hr class time)220px-abeka_logo-square

This class is perfect for children who have a summer birthday or just need another year here with us in our wonderfully loving and small school.  Our teacher is fully equipped with a degree in elementary education and an awesome Certified Kindergarten curriculum. This class can serve the purpose of a Pre-Kindergarten Plus program, however, the curriculum and classroom environment/expectations will be set for Kindergarten. Testing will be conducted in the spring to help aid you in making decisions for your child’s next step in the education process. Children completing this program and passing the Spring testing successfully are to receive a certificate of Kindergarten completion for moving forward with their education process into first grade.

Registration for Fall begins with our current and past TLC Preschool Families first in February.  Beginning in March we open enrollment for the upcoming Fall to families that are new to TLC Preschool. The registration fee of $75 and a completed registration form is required to hold your child’s spot in this class.

*Due to our very low ratio of students/teachers and our small class size, our enrollment space is limited.

Tuition Rate for this class is

5 Half Days: annual (paid by 9/1) $2,025 or monthly $225 for 9 months (September-May) There is a 1 time curriculum fee of $150 which covers all of their books, readers, and writing tablets, as well as their spring testing supplies. This fee is due on or before 8/1.  Students enrolled and curriculum fees paid after 8/1 are subject to additional fees to account for additional shipping required.